During the month of December all our Happy Learners sessions will be based around the theme Winter Wonderland, in order to prepare our Happy Learners for Christmas and hopefully some snow! During one of these sessions we may even have a special surprise visit from Father Christmas himself!

Through the topic Winter Wonderland, we aim to provide exciting, fun, educational learning opportunities through the use of a variety of multi-sensory / messy play themed toys, natural objects and materials. Children and adults will be encouraged to explore and mess around with winter, cold places and Christmas themed; water play, small world toys, paints, sensory playdough, jumbo chalks, coloured rice/pasta, sand and sensory toys. All Winter Wonderland themed tuff trays will be accompanied with useful learning opportunities, which will be displayed on A4 laminated cards, to ensure that both children and adults gain the most from the educational learning experiences on offer.